Fly for Ravn Alaska!

Corvus Airlines is Ravn Alaska!
  • Best pay rates in the regional industry: First Officer's base salary is $41,000 with $50/hr over monthly guarantee plus other duty credits
  • Part 121 air carrier, focused on safety (operating since 1948)
  • Challenging and beautiful flying throughout Alaska to gravel runways, ice strips, and more
Better Regional Airline Lifestyle
  • Home-every-night schedules
  • Preferential bidding to optimize and personalize your monthly flight schedule
  • Bid AM, PM, or Reserve lines to fit your lifestyle
  • Advanced multi-engine turbine fleet
  • iPad-based electronic flight bags issued to each pilot
  • Minimum 10 days off per month, most Dash 8 pilots receive 12
  • Pick up extra shifts for time and a half
  • Online scheduling for easy shift trading
  • Pre-approved vacation locked 6 to 12 months in advance
  • Supplemental vacation time awarded in reverse seniority the month prior
Company Benefits
  • Full medical benefits: health, vision, dental, and life
  • Pass benefits for your dependents on major, regional, and foreign airlines
  • CASS Jumpseat carrier
  • Company 401K contribution of 3%
  • Paid vacation up to 20 days for employees with 3 years of service
  • Option to transfer to Ravn Connect, offering 14 consecutive days off each rotation
  • Uniforms at no cost to the crewmembers
  • Retention bonuses for 2015 new hires
Training Pay
  • Training pay is F/O rate ($50/hr) at 60 hour guarantee, starting first day of class
  • Simulator training includes company provided hotel room
Relocation Compensation
  • Relocation reimbursement of $1,500 upon completion of training
  • 2014 Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend (not us, but the State) was $1,884 per family member; no state or city income tax
A Letter to Interested Applicants
We are glad that you are interested in becoming part of our team. The following information is designed to help you get acquainted with Corvus Airlines also known as Ravn Alaska which is part of the Ravn Air Group. We take pride in providing safe and efficient scheduled air travel to our customers throughout the Great State of Alaska, with charter service to Canada and the contiguous United States.

Company Overview
The Ravn Air Group, formerly known as Era Alaska, is the largest Alaska-based airline with nearly 70 aircraft serving about 100 Alaska communities daily. The Ravn Air Group is made up of 3 operating certificates: Corvus Airlines (known as Ravn Alaska) operates under FAR Part 121. Hageland Aviation & Frontier Flying Service (operating as Ravn Connect) utilize FAR Part 135 rules, providing two consecutive weeks off for their pilot staff every month. These three certificates share a master pilot seniority list. Ravn Alaska engages in Part 121 scheduled domestic operations as well as unique supplemental (charter) operations. Our fleet consists of De Havilland Dash 8-100 aircraft and Beechcraft 1900s with a current fleet size of 13, serving 10 regular destinations and over 30 charter destinations. Our flights legs can be as short as 20 minutes or as long as 3 hours, and our operations take us to challenging airports like Valdez and Kodiak as well as ice strips on the North Slope. Ravn Alaska also provides code share service for Alaska Airlines.

Ravn Alaska is constantly growing and is now up to about 80 Pilots and 25 Flight Attendants. Total crewmember staffing in the Ravn Air Group is about 270. Ravn Alaska�s seniority system will move you through the pilot ranks in the following progressionBeechch FO, Dash FOBeechch Captain, Dash Captain. From April 2015 through April 2016 we will direct hire into the Dash 8. Our most junior Captain has been with the company for 5 years. Our average time in the position oBeechch FO varies between 1 and 2 years. Due to career progression, fleet improvements, and pilot retirement, we hire new pilots every year. Our most senior pilot has been with us 28 years and our newest are just getting started in training. Our internal ADE program allows us to qualify applicants with ATP minimums once they successfully complete our thorough and challenging flight training program.

Pilot Bases and Lifestyle
Our pilots agree that Ravn provides a great balance between personal life and an airline career. Ravn Alaska is one of the few airlines that provide �home every night� schedules, and while commuting is not as common as other airlines, commuting from the Pacific Northwest Region is certainly a possibility. At this time we have only one pilot base: Anchorage. We staff nearly 100 pilots here. Anchorage has a comfortable population of about 300,000 and provides reasonably priced housing, all the comforts of a midsized metropolis and many outdoor and family activities. Temperatures in the summer hover around 75�F and in the winter can get down to minus 20�. Of course the city, as well as the state, offer many recreational activities: hiking, fishing, back-packing, skiing, an excellent trail system and the beautiful Chugach State park within 20 minutes of downtown Anchorage. Those not familiar with Alaska may have heard rumors of all daylight nights in the summer and a lot of darkness in the winter. Generally, those rumors are true. For crewmember flight schedules, Corvus pilots currently utilize a monthly preferential bidding system and trip trading system that allows crewmembers to have control over their schedule and days off. Depending on individual preference and seniority, pilots can bid on early morning shifts, late night shifts or something in between. Bidding preferences can also include maximizing flight time and pay, or maximizing reserve duty or time off.

Company Culture
Ravn Alaska, has a strong foundation on safety: �no one gets hurt, nothing gets broken�, and an unyielding focus on regulations and company policies. The demanding constraints of the environment, as well as the logistical challenges of operating in Alaska, require extra care and vigilance. Ravn Alaska strives to continuously improve our safety culture which has already developed to produce one of the safest and most responsive airlines in Alaska. The Ravn Air Group is also responsive to the needs and concerns of its employees who provide the means to keep Ravn Alaska growing and improving each year. As part of Ravn Alaska�s commitment to provide an attractive career work environment, the company recently approved a highly attractive new compensation package for crewmembers. At Ravn Alaska, we value our pilots, and always strive to treat you like a valuable individual, not a just a number. We are very grateful that you are interested in being part of our team.

Pay and Benefits
�What�s the difference between a large pizza and an airline First Officer? A large pizza can feed a family of four!� �classic airline ice breaker

The good news is that Ravn offers one of the most competitive compensation packages in the regional airline market, and we are constantly improving it. Our goal is to provide you with an attractive career path and a great lifestyle, allowing you to be home at night while enjoying one of the industry�s top pay scales. The Corvus benefit package includes health, dental and vision, life insurance, 401K with company contribution, pass benefits and jumpseat benefits with almost every major and regional carrier in the United States.

The Flying
While the goal of every flight here at Ravn Alaska is �boring and uneventful,� this doesn�t mean the flying isn�t challenging or rewarding. Routes are sprinkled through each pilot�s schedule, so a pilot will see most of the route structure every month. Our equipment is second to none and maintained to the highest standard. Airports like Valdez and Kodiak get a pilot�s attention on every approach. And if that isn�t enough, the characters and personalities that you carry around in the cabin, or along in the flight deck, will be enough to keep the job interesting day in and day out.

Stay in Touch
I highly encourage you to research our company online and through pilots that are, or have been, part of our team. Ravn Alaska can offer a great path for pilots who may eventually be interested in switching to the major airlines. But as many of us have found, Ravn is providing our pilot crewmembers with a true and legitimate pilot career unto itself. Thank you for your interest in Ravn. We look forward to incorporating you into our team.

-Fly, Safe.

Aaron Rocereta
Chief Pilot
Service Tier
First Officer

  • Monthly guarantee is 60 hours; average crewmembers exceed guarantee.
  • Service tier is number of years in seat position.
  • Pilot candidates in training are paid tier 1 F/O monthly guarantee (i.e. $50/hr at 60 hours per month).
  • Dash 8 and Beech 1900 pay scales have been consolidated.



  • FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP)
  • Recent Flight Experience
  • BE1900 or DHC-8 Type Rating

Minimum Requirements:

  • ATP or R-ATP minimum flight time in accordance with 14 CFR 61.153 or 61.160
  • Valid ATP written test.
  • Able to obtain FAA First Class Medical
  • US Passport
  • No Accidents or incidents nor any FAA ‘Administrative Action’ or ‘Certificate Action’ within the previous 24 months of initial interview
  • Under Age 65 (required under Part 121)
  • No DUI/DWI conviction in last 36 months
  • Legal right to work in, and travel freely in and out of, the United States

Interview Process

Our pilot interviews are held in Anchorage, Alaska. We realize travel times for some may be significant, so it is customary for us to first conduct a short initial telephone interview to allow us to introduce ourselves, learn more about your background, and to allow you to ask questions to determine whether Corvus Airlines will be a good fit for you.

Thereafter, if selected to continue, our primary interview process at our headquarters in Anchorage will consist of a small panel interview and a basic instrument flight skills evaluation with a Flight Training Device. The entire interview process is expected to take approximately 2-3 hours. We do our best to make the process as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Business casual attire is acceptable. Travel expenses related to the interview are the responsibility of the candidate. However, Corvus can provide our interviewees with positive space (confirmed seat) travel to and from the interview on any of the Ravn Air Group carriers operating throughout the state of Alaska.

To Apply:

The hiring window for Corvus Airlines is currently OPEN.

Please ensure that you meet our minimum eligibility requirements. Click here to apply.

If you wish, you may also include letters of recommendation. We review all of the submitted resume’s as hiring needs arise throughout the year. Thank you for your interest in Corvus Airlines dba Ravn Alaska.

Please do not apply if you do not meet the Minimum Requirements.

Corvus Airlines dba Ravn Alaska is an equal opportunity employer. Corvus Airlines, the Part 121 air carrier of the Ravn Air Group, requires all pilots to possess an FAA ATP certificate and be type rated in the aircraft. If necessary, once employed as a pilot candidate, our on-staff examiners will qualify candidates with both type rating and ATP certification during the course of our normal flight training curriculum.